Viccy, mother-'I feel calmer, stronger, more capable. I hadn’t realised how unhappy I was when I woke up in the morning until that was taken away...I hadn’t expected the results to be so instant' 

Sarah, mother- 'I really can’t quite believe how one session has done what it has. I had high hopes but you have more than exceeded them! Thank you so much'

Lucy, midwife- 'I did the first session within 2 weeks of starting back work and I genuinely cannot believe how much more at peace I am with my emotions relating to my daughters arrival.'

I am feeling fab. Thank you so much. James commented how I even look different...like all the tension has gone. I went to toddler group on Thursday and people were chatting about their births and I just sat and listened and didn’t actually have a desire to share my experience because it’s not really part of me anymore. Does that make sense? I didn’t feel a need to go in to it and everyone was happy to just chat about themselves so it probably went unnoticed. And for the first time , I noticed, there’s other people who just sit and calmly listen too.
I also feel so excited about this upcoming birth.
I really can’t quite believe how one session has done what it has. I had high hopes but you have more than exceeded them! Thank you so much.
I feel like I’ve been freed of all the torture of Alex’s birth (and the run up to the day).
I am not sure if I’m reading too much into it ... but ... I just feel calmer. Quietly happier (and more confident). It’s a great thing you are doing.
— Sarah H- mother
I felt constantly on edge, restless, panicy, jumpy, flashbacks, negative thought patterns, helpless, overwhelmed, guilty, hopeless, a failure. I felt that Gemma really listened and validated my feelings. She made me realise my feelings and thoughts were not ‘me’ rather a symptom of what had happened. The next day I feel such a relief and slept really well and woke feeling rested for the first time in ages. I feel overall much calmer and positive. Amazing!!

Personalised, unhurried, supportive therapist. It worked!!! So glad I found out about this and just wish I had done it sooner. Thanks so much Gemma!
— Emma, mother
I am extremely pleased with how the sessions have gone. I chose to do the session as I was starting back work as a midwife in the setting that the traumatic delivery occurred. I was sceptical as to whether anything could help me, I then did the first session within 2 weeks of starting back work and I genuinely cannot believe how much more at peace I am with my emotions relating to my daughters arrival. I immediately felt better. I was extremely surprised at how well it helped. Before my session I could not talk about my daughters arrival without being upset and never managed to have a happy conversation with my husband about her birth. After the first session I was able to finally have happy thoughts about her birth.
Miriam helped me feel very relaxed throughout the session, I never felt embarrassed at all to open up about how I was feeling. I would recommend Miriam to anyone in the similar situation.
— L- Midwife
I feel calmer, stronger, more capable. I hadn’t realised how unhappy i was when i woke up in the morning until that was taken away. It really worked well for me- there was a bus door to door, so the location was super convenient. The space was calm and clear. I hadn’t expected the results to be so instant- but if i’d known that in advance i don’t think it would have changed anything, except maybe made me more anxious in case it didn’t work. Thank you so much for helping- it has been a game changer for me
— Viccy- Mother
The sessions were hugely beneficial to my emotional health and wellbeing. Gemma really helped me to understand the symptoms and reasons for my PTSD. She helped me feel relaxed and comfortable to share my experience. I could not believe the difference I felt after 2 sessions. Prior to this I could not think ahead to a positive birthing experience with my baby as I would get stuck reliving my past experience. Just a huge thank you! I thought this was something I would have to manage and get used to. I didn’t even realise the extent to which my PTSD had filtered into parts of my life. I cannot believe the difference and I feel so grateful that I will approach my second birth in a much calmer, more positive frame of mind, which would not have been possible otherwise. This will not only help me but also my baby, at a very special time. Thank you! I really hope you are able to expand and help many more women.
— Anonymous- Mother
I feel like I have more fully dealt with my son’s birth, and the continued loss of control after his birth. I feel stronger, more positive, and less anxious. Thank you so much.
— E, M - Mother
I had anxiety ( with lots of physical symptoms), depression. Memories of the events were frequent, intrusive and upsetting. I now think about the traumatic events much less often, they do not spring into my mind suddenly as they did before. I can think about the events in a much more rational and calm way and feel much less upset. I really enjoyed the relaxation - it was very calming and the effect lasted a long time - several days. I have found this very helpful and would like to thank you so much.
— Anonymous - Obstetrician
I loved that I felt I could be completely honest about my thoughts and feelings and get a straight, unbiased yet compassionate and honest response back. We would like to say thank you for giving us the chance to meet with you again as it helped us both greatly in grieving for Lola’s death. It’s hard to put down in words at how lucky and grateful we are to have taken part in your workshop as we have no doubt that it has influenced our ability to grieve for Lola and allowed us to express the joy she has given us in both past, present and future.
— Louise & James Ferguson- parents
During the months after the birth of my second son I started suffering terrible mental and physical anxiety. My doctor prescribed me antidepressants but I wanted to get to the root of it and was looking for a long term solution. Initially I didn’t think my anxiety was related to my births but as soon as I spoke to Gemma I realised it was all very much connected. Gemma was very good at helping me clarify what my real issues were. 
The day of my session I felt a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect but Gemma immediately made me feel calm and in a safe environment; she is incredibly friendly and professional. As we started to explore my births and current health I felt at ease and ended up unravelling other past times that have been a cause of my anxiety. We went through a lovely relaxation hypnosis exercise and I could really feel my body starting to let go and relax. When working through some of the more difficult issues I felt very emotional but always comfortable and in control. At the end of the session I felt a great sense of calm and relief.

Gemma gave me lots of helpful tools to use so I am more confident coping with some of life’s more testing times. A real weight has been lifted. I saw and felt improvements quickly. It has helped me reach a more balanced state of mind definitely, and an amazing mind, body and soul awareness. I can’t thank Gemma enough, I highly recommend her for anyone. It really reached into all areas.
— Lucy S - Mother